Goedhart Maritime Services

About us

You ask, we deliver. 

Based in Dordrecht, our firm specializes in delivering superior professional maritime services across the marine industry. Our extensive network of partners enables us to offer a broad spectrum of marine services within the maritime sector. Our dedication to providing quick response times and high-quality services sets us apart, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients with precision and efficiency.

Our commitment to quality can be seen in many facets of our business. We continually surpass our clients’ expectations by upholding the highest standards of service delivery and strictly implementing quality assurance procedures. Our reputation is strengthened in the competitive maritime sector by our everlasting dedication and our quick response to and handling of marine difficulties. We are the go-to partner for navigating the complex terrain of the marine industry, with our strategic location in Dordrecht and broad range of services. We put your goals first and work hard to ensure your success.

Stage V compliant

From 2019, new European emission standards will apply to most engines, the Stage V standard. This standard mainly concerns emissions of CO, HC, NOx, and soot particles. To meet this standard, it is necessary to install filters to reduce emissions. The Goedhart II qualified for this new standard; to be precise, a particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) filter have be installed. Through these new filters the Goedhart II is Stage V compliant and helps towards a greener future.

Which services do we provide?

Maritime Services and Seals Replacements

We can provide Maritime Services based upon your request.


Looking for somebody who can deliver construction jobs above, and under water? Then we can deliver what you have asked for.

Diving Services

When a vessel needs to be inspected, a diver is needed. We assist you with a fully equipped diver to help you with your inspection.

Tender Services

RHIB equipped with sonar equipment to localize sonar objects. Also available for rent